Modern technology supports our knowledge and expertise in the production of braces (orthodontics), crowns and bridges (Gold - ceramics), implants and prostheses (dentures) of all kinds.

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Our Services

Modern technology supports our knowledge and expertise in the production of braces (orthodontics), crowns and bridges (Gold-ceramics), implants and prostheses (dentures) of all kinds.

Metal ceramics
Crowns, bridges

Metal-free restorations in zirconium and Lihium disilicate glass ceramics
Crowns, bridges, inlays, on-lays, veneers, non-prep veneers, Maryland bridges, inlay bridges

Crowns / bridges, individual abutments TI / ZR, web and telescopic prostheses, surgical guides with CT planning codiagnostix for Straumann Guided Surgery

Full dentures, partial dentures, model casting, nylon prostheses

Michigan rails, bite guards, bleaching trays


Retention apparatus
Retention rails
Bonded retainer
Dohner rail

Removable appliances
Active drive apparatus
Double plate systems
After Sander
After Schaneng
After Clark (Twin Block)

Function regulator according to Fränkel
EOA after Klammt
Van Beek
Hansa device

Fixed appliances
RME stretching apparatuses (W Bow, Quadhelix, etc.)
Herbst appliance
Distal Jet
Orthodontic superstructure on implant
Ortho easy pin
Dual Top

Michigan splint
Guard rails

Clear Aligner (Transparent splint therapy)
Ortho Folio

Planning documents
Study models
Diagnostic Setup

Mouthguard / Sports
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The new CAD / CAM scanner from Sirona cover all digitization tasks in the dental laboratory reliably. He combines a very short, high-precision measurement with flexible operation and new functions - and thus becomes the all-rounder for Dentallabor.Neueste technology, comprehensive functionality and a wide range of indications for an attractive price - offering Sirona its customers with the new Extra Oral Scanner inEos X5.

The new features improve workflow in the dental laboratory, thus reducing the idle time for the Zahntechniker.Mit the inEos X5 can Footprints, partial and full jaw models are both fully automatic and manually scanned. The new operating concept increases the flexibility for the dental technician, so that it can integrate scanning optimally in the laboratory workflow. During the manual recording mode with simpler work provides a time advantage of fully automatic scan mode has especially in larger works its advantages: it shortens the processing time and reduces the necessary intervention by the user. In addition, the amount of data is optimized, resulting in the subsequent model calculation beschleunigt. Hightech camera with many advantages.

Like its predecessor inEos Blue scans the inEos X5 unbeatably fast. The large field of view of the camera, he recorded this four to five teeth per recording and an entire jaw with a total of five shots. He digitizes a single crown in less than ten seconds, a three-unit bridge construction in just 30 seconds and an entire jaw in less than one minute. For the scan is a newly developed optical system used, which is based on the digital pattern projection. The significantly improved accuracy of less than 12 microns and the autofocus camera guarantee this high quality scan data, which are also suitable for working with highest accuracy requirements - for example, the most sophisticated implant work. Thanks to the large depth of field of the camera, the inEos X5 also capture entire jaw, including palate, allowing the digital design of chrome work.
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  • Sirona
  • Straumann Cares CAD CAM

Implant Systems
  • Straumann
  • Camlog
  • Biomet 3i
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Dentsply
  • SPI Thommen
  • SICinvent


Ivoclar-IPS e.max, GC Initial



Plastic Veneers

3M Espe