The range of possibilities and options for a dental prosthesis is large. Your dentist will advise you about the various options and the right solution for you. We do our best to implement this solution for you according to your preferences.
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A crown encloses the entire tooth and is made of metal ceramic or complete ceramic. That means that the core is either made of high gold alloy and it is fired with ceramic or it is made entirely of ceramic. The tooth has natural appearance in both cases. A crown protects the tooth if there is already a large filling or if a piece of the tooth has broken away. In the past, crowns were made of pure metal. Porcelain crowns were later associated with metal frames (PMF). Whenever possible, we use metal-free porcelain crowns (zirconia or e.max).
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A proven solution to close a gap between teeth is the nearly invisible fixed bridge. It means, though, the adjacent teeth on the right and left must be ground down and crowned. They serve as bridge abutments. They enable the permanent link of an artificial tooth or teeth, depending on how many teeth are needed.
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As implants artificial tooth roots are referred. These artificial roots are inserted by the dentist into the jawbone or screwed. After about three to six months, the bone material connects again (osseointegration) .

On implants crowns and bridge can be built. They can also serve to stabilize dentures or partial dentures. The material used is typically titanium; but there is also the use of ceramic materials.

Prerequisite for the use of an implant is the presence of a sufficiently large pine Knoches .
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Partial prosthesis

In a partial prosthesis the denture can be independently removed from the patient and reinserted.

In principle, such a partial denture made ​​of a plastic base (saddle), the replacing teeth and metal bent holds and supports the different parts, the so-called clips. On the plastic base, the artificial teeth are incorporated using brackets, which establish the maintenance of the teeth in the mouth.

Due to the nature of such partial prosthesis this also requires a somewhat different oral hygiene. There are special prosthesis brushes, cleaning tablets and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Your dentist will advise you on this.
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Total prosthesis

Total prosthesis is used when there are no natural teeth and all the teeth need to be replaced. The implant will be left here out of consideration.

For this purpose, a particularly accurately fitting impression of each jaw is required. The expression of the aesthetic effect of a prosthesis can and should be adjusted individually always in shape and color.

A special form of partial or complete denture is the (immediate prosthesis). The aim is to avoid the patient to be toothless and only for a short time. Such instant prostheses are fitted immediately after the extraction of the remaining teeth. Since the jaw changes greatly in the healing , such prostheses must be adjusted after a few weeks.
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Inlays, Onlays

Inlays and onlays are perfectly fitting dental fillings, which are produced in a dental laboratory individually. It is called an inlay if it is a single surface and an onlay, if it is a multi-faceted tooth filling. Both are used to treat the consequences of caries. The work pieces are glued into the tooth to be treated, in contrast to the plastic filler material which has a soft consistency and is introduced by means of forming agents into the tooth and cured only in the tooth.

The most common materials are gold, ceramic, plastic and titanium. All inlays and onlays are distinguished by a long life duration.